The hut has a colourful history, both as a hunting hideout and as a base for smugglers during the prohibition period. The hut is a good base for canoe trips as it is situated by a channel that is suitable for canoes and small watercraft.

The hut is also situated near the starting point of the 12,5 km long Björkö-Panike hiking trail. A boat is needed to cross the sound in order to reach the hiking trail.

Rental hut, 6+2 people / 30 m², 1 room, sleeping alcove and kitchen. The separate boat shed contains a sauna and a changing room with two wooden benches that can be used as extra beds if necessary.

The daily rent of the cottage is 180€

If the final cleaning has not been done according to the instructions, 150€ will be charged for the cleaning.

Final Cleaning can also be ordered separately if desired.

A locked boom has been placed on the small road leading to Björkören rental hut. The boom key will be handed over to the renter with the other keys.

More Information

  • Martti +35850 316 1899
  • Kari     +358500 863009
  • Petri    +35840 5548048


The hut can be booked from the button below.

Terms of reservation for the Björkören rental hut  
The key pick up is Sale Replot, Vallgrundvägen 1, 65800 Replot. 

Arrival at 2:00 PM and departure at 12 AM.  


At the hut, there are beds for 6 persons: two bunk beds and a sofa-bed for two persons. There are mattresses, pillows and blankets. 

Bring your own sheets or a sleeping bag. If you use a sleeping bag, take undersheet and pillowcase with you.

The hut is also equipped with a stove, cookware for 6 persons, electric lighting, coffee maker, electric water boiler and refrigerator.

You must bring drinking water with you.

There is a changing room in the sauna building. Two persons can sleep on the wide benches if necessary. The changing room is heated with a wood-heated stove

In the sauna, there is a wood-heated hot-water tank in the separate washroom. You can use sea water for washing or alternatively, bring fresh water with you. 

Only fresh water should be poured on the sauna stove; rain water, melted snow or water you have brought. Never pour seawater into the sauna stove, because it will rust!


  • Bring drinking water and toilet paper with you
    • there is no vell.
  • Always remember to close the unlocked gate at the beginning of Vargisvägen
  • You must clean the premises after your stay
    • if the final cleaning has not been done, the customer will be charged 150€
  • The road to the hut will be plowed but be prepared for delays in the event of a heavy snowstorm. The snow work in the yard of the house belongs to the renter.
  • Pets are allowed in the hut